Hello, my reader!
In this website, I will illustrate my inquiry project for my UWRT-1102 class. It talks about robots Vs people at jobs in future. I chose this topic because we are in the era of development and robots are making controversial questions between people, which lead them to be concerned about future. For example, they said “Robots will take our jobs”, and this project discussed this case in different aspects as the following:

The first aspect discussed if these fears are true and need to take the case seriously. In addition, sources show some fact and evidence about these ideas. The second aspect deal with some opinion from older people about letting robots taking care of them, or taking a caring job in general. Also, this project tried to see how can we find a balance to let robots working with people in a comfortable way. Finally, it showed the bright side of the future by combining people and robots’ powers.

I navigate my website in a certain order, which will let you follow my thought easily, so please follow it. I navigated to six different pages, and two of them have sub-pages as the following:

The Home page is the same page you are in. Then, the Editor’s Introduction page, this page introduce some information that the project will discuss. It has also a sub-page which is About the Editor page. This page has information about me. Then, the Glossary of Key Terms page, it gives some terms that appear in sources. After that, the Source List page this page allows you to find the sources that I mention easily, and it gives you a short summary for each source. After that, the Editor’s Projected Inquiry page, it shows my infographic. Next, the Making of The Reader’s Guide page, which has sub-pages underneath it like Blogs page, which is a space for me to take some notes, and Behind The Scenes page which shows my important turning point that I faced to complete my project.

I hope you enjoy reading my collection about interesting topics that we will face in the future.