Glossary of Key Terms

Key Terms From First Source:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: The brain of robots or technology.
  2. Permanent unemployment: People without jobs for a long time.

Key Terms From The Second Source:

  1. AI: The name of one type of robots as the picture shows below an it the seneniom of artifical intelligence.MjgxOTg1Nw

Key Terms From The Third Source:

  1. Human Touch: A phrase which meanes in this article human ideas.
  2. Primary caretakers: Taking care for a long time; in this article he means women.
  3. Address the lack: Solve lack problem.

Key Terms From The Fourth Source:

  1. Computerized jobs: Using the computer for jobs.

Key Terms From The Fifth Source:

  1. Human-robot interaction: It means the interaction between robots and people.
  2. Social acceptance: The public agrees with something.
  3. Autonomous system: A system of self-dependent.

Key Terms From The sixth Source:

  1. Social robotic: Robots that deal with social.
  2. Robot learning: Making robot specialized in something.
  3. Expressive behaviour: Behaviour with having a meaning.

Key Terms From The Seventh Source:

  1. Better than human: It refers to robots which are better in jobs.

Key Terms From The eighth Source:

  1. Force protection: Increase protection by using robots.
  2. Killing power: A strong power for the army.

Key Terms From The Ninth Source:

  1. Eat pollution: Clean the world from pollution.
  2. Natural biological organisms: Such as animals and human beings.
  3. Basking shark: One kind of sharks.
  4. Microbial fuel cell: A cell that use to collect microbial to use for fuel.

Key Terms From The Tenth Source:

  1. A global shortage of robots: A scarcity of robots.