Editor’s Projected Inquiry

Guiding Question Infographic

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I am now at the end stage of my inquiry project, but questions that I came up with are not finished and being more complicated. At the beginning of the semester, we asked to start thinking about a question that we have from reading the claiming conversation book, and we want to know more about it. I came up with this question “Do you think machines will start to become too similar to humans and be treated similarly?” I read a lot of sources, and I found myself changed my question a little to be more specific. I changed it to find how robots effects on the side of jobs.

While I am reading sources about this topic, stopped me a lot of interesting ideas talks about how can we use robots in the future. For example, the source “Better Than Human: Why Robots Will — and Must — Take Our Jobs”  raised this idea, a robot can take the job that human cannot do for many reasons such as a short memory and patience. In addition, robots can take care of older people and do what they want, but how they will work for a long time? Also, the ideas of making a strong army by using robots is a great idea, as this source, “The Future of the Army: Fewer Soldiers, More Robots, More ‘Lethality’“` illustrated. It explained what robots can do in this quotes “Robots could reduce the force protection burden, giving the Army more killing power per brigade.”, but how much power the robots will need to fight? In the source “A robot that eats pollution” described in details of how the robots can get energy and work for a long time. This quote simplifies the idea “As it does that, it digests the food, and then it uses that energy in its body to keep moving”. I chose this quote because it let me think about how the other robots that not eat pollution get their energy? Moreover, the source of Robots won’t kill the workforce. They’ll save the global economy talks about how robots can save the global economy, and it said: “These trends are toxic for economic growth, and boosting the number of robots may be the easiest answer for many countries.” They found that robots can protect the economy, and it will let it increase, but are they thought if the energy that consumer will effect in the economy and decrease the economic pie?

All these sources raised a myriad of questions about how all these huge numbers of robots will use in the future?, and they lead me to have a curious in a different aspect I did not plan to search it before. As a result, for all these questions, I have now a new guiding question which is “How will they use energy to let all these robots to work and is this excess consumption of energy will affect negatively on the world?” I wish to have time to make some search to find the answer to my new question.