Research Blog #7

Source#1The Future of the Army: Fewer Soldiers, More Robots, More ‘Lethality’

Summary: This article was written by Alexis C. Madrigal is a contributing editor for The Atlantic. He’s the author of Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology. This article briefly talks about advantages of using robots in the war which will lead to having less number of human in the war with more power. For example, Robots could reduce the force protection burden, giving the Army more killing power per brigade. In addition, robots can perform some of the tasks in terms of maneuverability, in terms of the future of the force. 

Notes: This source is different from my previous sources because it is talk about the different job of robotic and different aspects. The most interesting thing in this source is that we can protect a lot of people who are dying in the war. Also, I noticed that this source refers to other sources such as  Defense News reported he said in a speech at the Army Aviation Symposium. He mentions this source to support his topic. Finally, this source raises for me the thinking of how robotics are important for a certain job such as an Army.

Source#2Why Humans Don’t Trust Robots, AI

Summary: This article was written by David Wagner on 6/22/2015. David has been writing on business and technology for over 10 years and was most recently Managing Editor at Before that, he was an Assistant Editor at MIT Sloan Management Review, where he covered a wide range of business topics including IT, leadership, and innovation. In this article, the author raises an important question which is “Robots are entering the workplace, but humans don’t trust them. Why, and what we can do to make them more trustworthy”, so in this article he discussed the reasons and what is the solution for making people trust robots. For example, as the article mention, little bits of humanity, especially friendliness and self-doubt, create more trust in people.

Notes: The most surprising thing to me is this sentence “Strangely enough, the answer may be to make robots look less confident. Robots that hesitate or look confused gain trust from people, rather than lose it”. I feel I do not agree with them!. This source may be is different because it shows the response to my question of why people do not trust robotics. This source refers to other sources by hyperlink it. It talks about the experiments for how people will trust robots. He use this source to make a reader can see the details for the experiments. For the next search, I want to know more about how the scientist can make people trust robots more.





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