Research Blog 3

First Source:

“Role of expressive behaviour for robots that learn from people.”

This source was written by C Breazeal Affiliation: (The MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. on 2009 Dec 12. The source is publication by Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences as an article.

The most interesting thing before I read the resource, and that let me chose it, is the title, which made me think why we use robots that learn from people and we do not want people to do our job? Also, the other interesting thing is this fact, robots are taking behaviors of expertise who develop these robots as the author said, “Today, it is common practice for robots to be taught and evaluated by the same researchers who developed it”.

This source refers to other sources by hyperlink other sources that are related to the same topic somewhere such as this source “Computation of emotions in man and machines“. The new perspective I found for my topic is that people and robots can be together in this world because we cannot separate people from robots, actually, expertise has created the robots, but there are some roles the article discussed them.

Some words and ideas the author uses that might be good search terms are teaching robots, behavior for robots and visual attention between the human teacher and the robot learner.

Second source:

“THE TECHNOLOGY – “SAFE” & COOPERATIVE ROBOTS – One robot supplier believes that by engaging people with robots and robots with other robots, operations can be performed more effectively and efficiently”

The second source for this blog is written by Vasilash, Gary S. who is the founding editor of Automotive Design & Production (AD&P) magazine, a publication established in 1997 by Gardner Publications with the cooperation of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). He is responsible for the editorial management and direction of the monthly magazine. Vasilash continues to write a monthly column for AD&P and contributes several stories to each issue. He wrote this source on 2001 as an article. It is publication by Automotive design & production. 118, no. 6, (2006): 54

The interesting part from this source when the author said that “Another is assembly operations, where, for example, the strength of the robot, combined with the sight of a person (which takes less time to train than, say, a machine vision system) could allow the robotic performance of tasks that have been heretofore been considered to be too complex for automation”, which is kind of answering my question about people Vrs robots in the job issue.

This source refers to other sources by inserting the online link to explain her thought more to the reader. This sours is also given me a new idea abut the safety from a risk that maybe will happen at work which raised this question why people and robots are not working together?

the key that author used that might be good terms for search are safety, working together, control the robot and robots is the lead and the others follow.

Finally, by reading a lot of sources I learn more about my topic. It gave me new sides that I need to look for them, for example, the second source adds the safety side which I did not think about it before. In fact, this process help me to build a good fundation for my resarch, So I feel I do not change my guiding question because it leads me to discover new things about it.




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