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“Siri, You’re Messing Up a Generation of Children”


“The wonderment is that Siri has any emotional pull at all, given her many limitations. Some of her appeals can be chalked up to novelty. But she has another, more fundamental attraction: her voice. Voice is a more visceral medium than text.”

“The current generation of iPhones allows you to set Siri to male as well as female, but the point is that voices communicate gender, age, authority or the lack thereof—primal social cues that we can’t help but the process as markers of a real personality.”

” But as parents understand all too well, the key to getting a child to accept authority is knowing when to say no and when to say yes, and you wonder how a robot can be taught to know the difference.”


This article starts by showing what children ask Siri in the beginning of using it, and how it effects to the children by making an experiment.

“Better Than Human: Why Robots Will — and Must — Take Our Jobs”


“Yes, dear reader, even you will have your job taken away by machines.”

“We have preconceptions about how an intelligent robot should look and act, and these can blind us to what is already happening around us.”

“That may be true of making stuff, but a lot of jobs left in the world for humans are service jobs”


The topic of this article is the summary of what the article discussed about robots and how robots are affected in our job.


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