Library Activity

The library is the place for all students to study and to do their researches. Atkins library has tutorials available on the Library’s Website as videos that allow students to know the system of the library. I watched these videos, and I find the way of finding books or articles, which is using keywords. This way is helpful to look for other books that have related topics. Also, the sort of research is helpful to find what you want easily and quickly. When I used the library’s website, I used the advice of searching by sort. I chose to search by sort of date because I want to see the new articles to my project.

This is not the first time I visit Atkins library, but I remembered my first impression when I saw Atkins library. I was surprised because it is really big, and it has different places such as a quite zone and reading zone with different styles. For example, the ground floor has a long sofa, a small sofa, and chairs with a small table near the coffee shop. However, the first floor has desks with computers and has big tables with TV. The most things I liked there are rooms which you can reserve it anytime you want by using the library website. I noticed that students were using the library in a different way such as studying, sleeping, meeting friends and using computers. Also, I noticed some of students study with the group and some of them study alone.

My favorite place in the library is on the first floor near to the windows as the picture below shows. I chose this place because of the sun rays can go inside which let you feel you are free. And it is also a quiet place and it has a good location because the coffee shop will be down on the ground floor and the gate is near to me. While I am in the library waiting for my next class I usually study and do my homework. I will keep using the library as a place to study in the future because I always complete a lot of things while I am there.



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