Research Log 1

The source I feel provides interesting information about my idea for the Extended Inquiry Project is Machines versus people from this website: This topic was written on February 6, 2013, by John Yemma, Columnist, and The Christian Science Monitor. He is having served as the Monitor’s editor from 2008 to 2014. The Monitor publishes international news and analysis at, in the Monitor Weekly newsmagazine, and in an email-delivered Daily News Briefing. John can be reached at

This source lets me have thought about what humans have better than machines when I read this part “Machines are good and are getting better, but humans excel at overview and improvisation. Low-skill jobs such as home health-care aides and high-skill jobs such as biomedical engineers are improved by information and tools. And human judgment improves tools and information. As Professors Brynjolfsson and McAfee write, “the key to winning the race is not to compete against machines but to compete with machines.” In addition, I found this sentence is interesting to think about it which is said: “If there’s a future for machines and people, it’s working together.”

This source referred to other sources by putting the links such as 10 Surprises about Tomorrow’s Job Market written by Laurent Belsie, and Race Against the Machine which was written by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. The author used these resources to support his ideas. The interesting links I want to follow is the first link “10 Surprises about Tomorrow’s” because it is discussed how the job will be in the future and this touch my idea for the inquiry project. This source makes me want to know for example how we can have an invisible support staff in jobs, allowing people to work smarter in a knowledge economy.

The best helpful search terms I have gotten from this source are: job security, human-machine partnerships and compete with machines. Finally, I will keep going behind this topic to complete my research.


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