Approaches to Inquiry

I read some examples of inquiry that assigned and all of them have a common description. They have the description of raising new questions about why what, when and how as you keep reading. As a result, they might have been some guiding questions for these projects. For examples, for the first project, we can come up with this question “Why they stool bike as revenge?” From Humans of New York, we can come with “Why these stories are important?” and “What is the message from these stories?” In addition, from Workspaces, we can ask “What is the similarity between these pictures?”, “What are workspaces mean?” and so on for the rest of projects.

I did not know about inquiry before. This type of research is a new for me. However, these projects gave me kind of ideas about what is an inquiry, and these projects represent what I think of as inquiry. Inquiry explains thought problem, exploration, and question. There are some researches I did it in the past maybe it was classified as inquiry without even I knew that is an inquiry. I think that because there is a big similarity between regular research and inquiry. I did an inquiry when I was seeking for an interesting major in an engineering field. I started with a question which was “What is a good major for me in the engineering field?” I took a general idea of what I want to be in the future and I came up with a mechanical engineering. Then I revised it to system engineering at the time. What makes me think about this example is that has an open-ended thought which is changed by the time.

This example maybe can link with the example of Humans of New Your, which tell a small story about people who talked about their thought, and this is my thought about choosing my major. I think guiding questions, in my opinion, is the questions that lead to building a new thought in your idea which helps to develop your idea or decision.




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