The book that we read about the conversation was so interesting. It touched the reality about what the technology effect in our life. It let me think deeply about how the technology changes our life as a human, and it opens my eyes about how the technology killed the conversation between friends, family, and anyone. At the class, a lot of topics discussed by my classmate and some of them aroused my curiosity such as online dating.

I heard about online dating from the TV. As you know, I am from an Arabian culture which is absolutely different. We do not make a relationship by the online that kind of rude. However, in another culture online dating is okay, so when I heard that in the parlors and I saw how the class was interacted that raised my curiosity to listen to them and I want to know their opinion about it.

The other topic I am interested to read, if I have a time, is the Family chapter. Maybe because I am a mother, and I have a small family I want to take care of them. In addition, in the last parlors, I heard from my classmates, who read the family chapter, how the smartphone affect the relationship between kids and parents. For example, at the dinner time, kids are always on the phone, and they did not listen to their parents when parents talk to them. Indeed, this affects me, and yesterday when I went to the restaurant for the dinner with my husband I asked him to but his phone away to open any conversation and start to less use our phone.

Also, the last chapter I read about The End of Forgotten was interested. It is talk about how we forget our self as a human. I want to make a research about this topic and I want to talk about how the robots change people today.

Finally, all these topics which I am interesting about have a connection of how the technology effect badly in our life, specifically, in our conversation. Also, I noticed how we have difficulty to open a conversation between students how are waiting for the class to begin. I will start to make a correction from myself to begin a conversation in the future.




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