The End of Forgetting

In this blog, I choose to write about chapter The End of Forgetting, which answered this question, what do we forget when we talk to machines? I chose this chapter because the title caught my attention. In addition, this question “What do we forget when we talk to machines?” occurred to me when we discussed the previous chapters inside the class. For the next parlor, I want to share the important ideas this chapter discussed such as what our children will learn of they talk with reports and how we forget what is special about being a human? I want to share these ideas because it is facts which let us be aware of what happened to us these years.

The development of technology arrived to make people make robots have companionship with them. That because they do not want to talk with people who make a judgment. They feel a free to talk with robots better than open a conversation with humans. Indeed, they forget what is special about being human. Human beings have feelings. They can feel pain, cold and sick. They can read our emotion by just looking at our face. Exactly the contrary when we talk with machines. The author raised this question about who can make a joke with a machine. She said, “How to have conversations with a machine that may approximate banter but doesn’t understand our meaning at all”. One day I heard on the news about romantic girls, which is a robot, lives with chines person more than ten years. He talks with her, take her everywhere, and he buys new clothes of her. In my opinion when I heard that he is a crazy.

The problem today is even children become talking to the robots as a doll or a pet and they do not know how to talk with people in real conversation. In addition, robots kill the imagination for children when they just play with the robots, but if they play with the regular dolls they will make their own story as the author said in this quits, “A doll encourages children to project their own stories and their own stories and their own agendas onto a passive object”. Children need human relationships so they can learn caring and empathy.

Treating machines as people; treating people as machines. This topic interested me. Maybe because that what really happens. Companies now are replacing the employee by machines. As a result, that lead us to want more from technology and less from each other the author describe it. Finally, we need to view our self and remember who we are.


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