Our Life Today

Today, our life is affected by technology. In many cultures, the terms of emergency become launched for everything even if it is not emergency or important especially, the new generation who effected in smartphones. They waited for the messages as important things, they even disrupt the dinner, sleep, or meeting when they get a message. I like what the author said about this point. She said, “If you see life as a stream of emergencies, this frames your life narrative”, and this is the fact.

The technology also affects our privacy as the author said, “Talking on the phone, sending email and texts are actually shared with corporations that claim ownership over our data because they have provided us with the tools to communicate”. In my opinion, this is the important part that discussed in this chapter. Maybe because we do not feel of privacy anymore! Everything observed. For example, the GPS in our phone which almost everyone in this world used it can give details about our location. Of course, there is a positive side for the GPA which makes us blind to the negative side. The author explains the negative side by describing the Loopt program which shows the location of friends. When I read about this topic “The world Without Privacy” I imagine the Pokemon game which is discovered in 2016. It has a very popular. Its idea depends on GPS which lead to knowing the maps because you will go to a different place every time. I think this kind of games also leads to killing the privacy.

“Research shows that people who use social media are less willing to share their opinions if they think their followers and friends might disagree with them. People need private space to develop their ideas”. This phrase struck me because when I think about it, I see it is right. Because the nature of people influenced by the word they heard from other which make them did not think about they own words.




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