Attention is Difficult with Technology!

Educational the last few years became associated with technology significantly in different ways. These ways sometimes are useful and sometimes are harmful to students. For example, using laptops at the class keep students taking notes and following the teacher by using e-books. However, there is a lot of students exploit the technology badly. Last semester when I was taking my geology class, three-quarters of the class are using their laptops to watch a movie, to make a shopping, and to use a Facebook. That effect, of course, badly to their scores, and even its effect on the other students who try to focus on the class. However, I do not deny how the class was so boring.

The author said in the section of Myth of Multitasking that, “These days, attention is in short supply in college classrooms, its scarcity poses special problems because, after all, so much money, time, and effort has been spent to bring together these students, this professor, these educational resources. And yet here, like everywhere, if we have a device in our hands, we want to multitask.” Well, I think this situation depends largely on the professor and the course. The professors should know how to get students attention by speaking enthusiastically and making the class creative with the activities. In the same section, I do not agree with that idea “The myth of multitasking is just that: a myth”. There are many people are multitask in their life, especially mothers, so I do not think this is a myth, but I agree with that, multitasking sometimes makes us lose the focus especially at the class as the author described it “Multitasking is bad for learning”.

“They Want the Right Answer. Quickly”, this quote let me laugh because I am that person; I want the answer now and quickly. I know we need to follow some process to find the correct answer which makes us discover a new thing we do not expect to know before, but still, I am not a patient person!

Also, this chapter talks about clickers versus conversation and how it effects on discussion inside the class. In my opinion, I prefer to listen to the other student when we have a discussion because I like to see how the other students think about the certain topics. In addition, there are a lot of benefits when you are in a real discussion such as listening skill. The online class does not give you this opportunity to ask or discuss something and that makes it difficult. “If you go to class, you might see something unexpected”, the author said.


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