Underneath Solitude

The toxin of technology reaches even the solitude topic. Solitude does not mean only a less activity or a bad thing in general, but also the solitude has a bright side that author shed it in this chapter. Solitude is the time between you and yourself to think, to meditation, and to relax. These days with technology this habit start to fade. For example, even with the risky situation such as driving, people cannot drive without using their phone to text or to take pictures. They cannot wait for a second. It is important to improve the solitude concept effectively for children because they are the generation for the future, as the author said, “Developing the capacity for solitude is one of the most important tasks of childhood, every childhood”.

The author said, “In every culture, you children want the objects of grown-up desire. So our children tell us they want phones and tablets, and if they can afford it, very few parents say no” and this is really what happened. In my culture, I saw a lot of this situation happened in front of me. I remember my nephew when he was crying, wanted to have an IPad to play with his friends. His parents directly at the next day thy bought one for him, and he is just an eight years old. This is in my opinion totally wrong even on the side of health because his eyes will affect. In addition, as the author said, “They are taken away from human faces and voices, because we let the screen do jobs that people used to do, for example, reading to children and playing games with them”. This part interested me because, in fact, parents today are too busy and far away from their children. That makes children find the alternative such as a screen to serve a myriad of kinds such as educational and emotional things.

Solitude also leads to the self-reflection because you will have time to think about what you did or what should you do. What makes me surprise in chapter Self-Reflection that, there are applications that give you a feedback about yourself from your writing such as 750 Words app. I do not know these applications before. However, these applications sometimes give you a wrong feedback like what happened with Trish and Linda. Cara also used application has the same idea. It was “Happiness tracking” and after her experience with this app she said it is like “a tipping point”. As a result, if you want to get a real feedback start the conversation face to face!


Words: 433


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