How to Write Rhetorically!

Thinking rhetorically, as I understand it, can be described as an effective document that wrote by considering the audience, purpose, context, and media. When I wrote my papers before, I tried to be aware of these three things because they are so important to get successful documents as what Joe Moxley said, “Successful writers have learned they can write a more effective document in less time by thinking rhetorically”. I remember that day when I wrote my memoir for the 1201 class. I talked about the Halal Food which is any kind of meet that cut by the Islamic way. In fact, a lot of American people, which they are my audience in that assignment, are not familiar with this concept. As a result, I wrote a full description for it to make my audience understood well what I meant.

I already knew about how the context is important to make the topic interesting and clear for the reader, but I did not think about how the context affects the way you research and the way you organize it, but this is true its effect. For example, you can organize your topic by the idea of the context such as the benefits of technology at the first paragraph and the harmful of it at the second paragraph and so on. This fact did not surprise me when I read what Joe Moxley said, “The context for each document strongly affects how you research your topic, how you organize your context, and what media you employ to deliver your message”. The one which makes me surprised that vote and tone are important for the writing. I did not imagine that before. However, may be the way that writer used to write, make her or his feeling transfer to the reader and that what is called the voice or tone for writing!

“Media can refer to how meaning is conveyed” This introduction at Consider Your Media section changed my perspective about how media are important for meaning. I did not believe before the media is important. If you put the post online is the same if you put it in a magazine, but I was wrong. When I thought about this introduction deeply I found it is different. Not only about how the meaning understands, but also about how many people will read it. For example, if we take the example before of posting online or posting in the magazine, we will find the readers online are more than the readers of the magazine. That might be because of the era of the internet!


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