Friendships Today

Friendship is an important side for reclaiming the conversation. In fact, the last few years, friendship becomes linked by the online. The creative designs in many applications like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are attractive a lot of people to use it. You just need to post something without talking, that what makes the conversation died. This chapter illustrates the impact of technology such as the smartphone. The author makes interviews with a myriad of students to see how the friendship goes.

For example, at the party, everyone is using her or his phone without trying to open a conversation with other people. They are interesting to text someone or to take pictures for the party to post them later and that what always happened with parties in many cultures. One of the students, who is the author made an interview with him, his name is Trevor said, “Everyone knew that when they got home they would see the pictures of the party”. In my opinion, this is wrong we need to live these moments and to enjoy with it by making comments and sharing the happiness with other people rather than being silent.

Trevor also said “even our style of taking in class was different. There was less given and take during the class”. I absolutely agree with him. For instance, in my experience, in this class 1102, when I entered the class earlier before the class is begun I saw my classmates are too quiet and they are using their phone, no one is talking, which makes me enter be quite and using my phone too until the class is begun. Phone let me feel I am not alone and it makes me feel I am busy like them as a security blanket, like what Joelle in another interview with the author describe it.

In a new generation section, there is something surprised me. I read side from the interview between the author and few fourteen-year-old girls sharing their ideas about this topic. One of them her name is Liz said that “memories don’t happen when you get a text. It is the stories you can tell” that is surprised me because there is a new generation think positively about the real conversation which makes their enthalpy are a life.

Finally, the author used at the end of the book some notes, which are contained references that are used to write her chapter about Friendship. I will illustrate some of these references such as Macmillan Dictionary, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and App Generation.

Words: 426


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