Conversations in Jeopardy!

Today with the era of technology, people communicate with each other by using technology such as smartphones and using applications such as Twitter and Facebook. That let them ignore the negative effects of it. Last past years, people became less talking face to face to each other, which made the conversation difficult to create. The Empathy Diaries article discussed this issue with more details about the risk we will face if we did not start to solve this problem.

For example, the author said “But these days we find ways around conversation. We hide from each other even as we’re constantly connected to each other”, that is really what happen. We try to hide to avoid face to face conversations and to avoid a lot of questions and debates.

The author discussed this problem in many aspects and she organizes them by writing them as a subtitle, such as Crossroads, Generation, Stepping up Not Stepping Back, The Virtuous Circle and etc. The Generation subtitle is tightening my attention. It was talking about how children or new generations use these technologies. They create their own world and create their relationship by using devices! In addition, they find conversations with other people are difficult. In my experience, I saw my nephew, who is only three years old, using his father’s mobile without leaving it. He becomes angry when anyone interrupts him. Also, I heard a lot of story about children that eating and using mobile. Parents have a significant responsibility to their children. They need to be a good model because children like to copy adults’ movement. The author also mentions that by saying “you have to model this behavior and put away your phone”.

The author said “without conversation, studies show that we are less empathic, less connected, less creative and fulfilled” maybe this statement is true, but I have a different opinion. I saw a lot of people in my life who love technology are successful and more creative. Maybe because they are thinking alone and that make them create and see a lot of things other see them impossible.

Finally, we need to step up not stepping back to reclaim conversation by stimulating it at home, at school, and even at work. Technologies have a myriad of benefits, but we just need to change the way of using it. To have a successful generation sharing their thoughts and ideas by conversations as the author said, “We can both redesign technology and change how we bring it into our lives”.

Let’s began to create conversation!


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